The 10 best optometry memes

Check out our favorite optometry memes!

Your patients probably won't have a perfect online experience, but check out why the 3 reasons you should love Warby Parker.


We're sure you all have those days. What makes it worse? Staffing problems. Check out our top 18 staffing nightmares.



When will they learn? In the meantime, check out Dr. Barbara Fluder's advice for caring for post-op cataract patients.



Don't worry-we've got you covered. Check out our tips for reducing staff time on managed vision care plans.



At least patients like this aren't like the ones in our top 10 patient horror stories.




Man, they don't pay you enough to deal with these people. Check out our 2016 list of states where ODs make bank.



Find out why Dr. Bill Tullo says the SMILE procedure might replace LASIK.



Find out how you can become a super tech.



We can't promise he'll be able to help you out in the zombie apocalypse, but Dr. Ben Casella does have some advice on the latest technology for measuring IOP.




Check out Dr. Crystal Brimer's advice for increasing your annual supply sales.

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