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6 things that drive ODs crazy during the holidays


Find out what drives your fellow ODs crazy during the holidays.

Yep, the holiday season can be stressful. We totally get it.

But Optometry Times has your back!

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Find out what drives your fellow ODs crazy during the holidays.

Although we have a list of six things, we should have called this list “What really makes you crazy at the holidays” because one thing seems to top everyone’s list.

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Discover what it is!



Being on call

“I hate it when referral ODs put me on call for the holiday without telling me,” says Tracy Schroeder Swartz, OD, FAAO, in Madison, AL.

“I hate when I have to take emergency call every holiday because everyone makes travel plans when they are supposed to be on call.

“I hate emergency call.” 

Being asked about holiday shopping

“Patients asking me if I’ve done all my shopping yet,” says Chief Optometric Editor Ben Casella, OD, FAAO, in Augusta, GA. “The answer is perpetually a hard ‘no.’”

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Patients looking for freebies

Patients coming in asking for free contact lens trials because they want to wait until benefits kick in on January 1,” says Bryan Wolynski, OD, FAAO, in New York City.

“And patients wanting contact lens trials for holiday travel,” he says.


Patients who cancel at the last minute

“Last-minute cancellations,” says Crystal Brimer, OD, FAAO, in Wilmington, NC.

Putting off purchases due to holiday spending

“Patients opting to not update glasses because “‘Well, it’s the holidays, and I am buying presents for everyone right now,’” says Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO in Bowling Green, OH.

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Last-minute patients

“A patient’s failure to plan is my office’s emergency,” says Whitney Hauser, OD, in Memphis, TN. “It’s the end of the year, the patient has met his deductible but waits until the end of the month to try to schedule. He may be out of luck!”

“I hate it when patients call the emergency line to use their VSP benefits and then get mad when I say that is not an emergency,” says Tracy Schroeder Swartz, OD, FAAO, in Madison, AL.

“Frantic patients who are trying to get their  vision plan benefits last minute before the end of the year,” says Dr. Wolynski.

“Patients’ lack of planning and demanding last-minute appointments because they don't want to ‘lose their vision benefits,’” says Diana Canto-Sims in Chicago.

“The worst is when they yell at your poor staff because they can’t get their way today. To avoid this, we are closed all day on December 31. Otherwise, my staff is abused that day and that is not a fun way to start a new year,” she says.

“Unreasonable requests usually relating to the arrival of products,” says Justin Bazan, OD, in Brooklyn. “‘I'm leaving for vacation in two days, I really need my glasses before I go!’”

Says Houston OD Brook Komar: “Patients who call on December 31 at 5 p.m. to ask, ‘Can you please squeeze me in so I can use my insurance benefits for the year?’”

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