Case 1: Treatment-Experienced Demodex Blepharitis


Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO presents the first patient case of a 53-year-old white female who has tried many treatments. Gaddie highlights his treatment approach and how the patient saw improvements within eight weeks.


Ben Gaddie,OD, FAAO, presents a case of demodex blepharitis in a 53-year-old white female. The patient experiences red, watering eyes, preventing her from wearing makeup. Notably, she frequently touches her eyes, a potential indicator of demodex-related symptoms. The patient complaints include fluctuating vision, a hallmark of ocular surface disease.

The patient had tried various treatments over the years with limited success. The patient experimented with prostaglandin-containing agents for lash growth, exacerbating eye irritation. He explains how these various treatment trials are common for patients with demodex. He initiates treatment with lotilaner 0.25% ophthalmic solution, twice a day for six weeks, emphasizing continued use until the bottle is empty. The patient undergoes microblepharoexfoliation to enhance drug penetration. After eight weeks, the patient shows significant improvement with reduced collarets, improved vision, and decreased eye-touching behavior. Gaddie, OD, FAAO highlights the importance of follow-ups and periodic treatments as demodex blepharitis tends to recur.

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