CooperVision launches Biofinity XR, adds new cylinder to Avaira

CooperVision adds additional myopic and hyperopic powers to its silicone hydrogel Biofinity line and adds -2.25 D to its Avaira cylinder availability.

Pleasanton, CA-CooperVision, Inc. announced the launch of its Biofinity XR contact lens brand, an extension to its Biofinity (comfilcon A) silicone hydrogel technology. Biofinity XR lenses are now available in powers from +8.50 D to +15.00 D (in 0.50 Dsteps) and -12.50 D to -20.00 (in 0.50 steps). The current Biofinity line continues to be available in +8.00 D to -12.00 D.

In other news, CooperVision expands Avaira toric lens parameters with a -2.25 D cylinder power availability. With this addition, Avaira is available in sphere powers of -6.00 D to +6.00 D in 0.25 S steps; -6.50 D to -10.00 D in 0.50 D steps; cylinder powers of -0.75 D, -1.25 D, -1.75 D, and -2.25 D; and axes from 10 degrees to 180 degrees in 10 degree steps.