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Holday dos and dont's for ODs in 2019


Once again, Optometry Times to the rescue with a list of holiday dos and don’ts!

Keep your wits about you as the stress of winter holidays begins to build. We got you!

Take a look at past dos and don’ts from your fellow ODs:
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Check out this year's list!

Ben Casella, OD, FAAO

Augusta, GA
Optometry Times Chief Optometric Editor

• DO remember to hand out holiday bonuses with time to spare.
• DON’T expect anything in return.

Andrew Morgenstern, OD, FAAO, FNAP
Bethesda, MD
Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member

• DO lead by example-there is no job in the office beneath you.
• DO remember the patient in front of you is the most important person. We have two ears and one mouth-listen twice as much as you speak.
• DO engage ophthalmologists and other physicians in your area for referrals.
• DO hold Monday morning staff meetings.
• DO encourage all staff, including the doctor, to shadow each other regularly.
• DO set attainable goals for the practice and staff, and reward when achieved.

• DON’T be late, ever.
• DON’T try to do everything yourself.

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Greg Caldwell, OD, FAAO
Duncansville, PA

• DO thank everyone for all that they do for you, your patients, and your practice or business. This holds no matter what mode of practice you work in and whether you are an owner, employee, or consultant. Buy everyone a small gift or buy lunch for them before the end of the year.

• DON’T forget how hard everyone works in the practice.
• DON’T forget to wish everyone happy holidays.

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Chris Wroten, OD
Hammond, LA
Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member

• DO stay involved with organized optometry-it is the only group actively advocating on behalf of our patients and our profession, and it has never been more important than now.
• DO treat every patient as if he is a member of your own family (one you like, at least!).
• DO read Optometry Times for great practice tips and clinical pearls.
• DO commit to lifelong learning by staying abreast of the latest treatments and technologies that can impact our patients’ lives and how we practice.
• DO spend quality time with loved ones during the holidays.
• DO use the end of the year holiday time to plan your personal and professional goals for the coming year.
• DO offer your patients an opportunity to use their Health Savings Account funds in your practice.

• DON’T forget to support your state optometry association and the American Optometric Association (AOA).
• DON’T ever underestimate the indelible impact that clear, comfortable vision has on our patients’ lives.
• DON’T forget to count your blessings while remembering to help those who are less fortunate.

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Diana Canto-Sims, OD
Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member

• DO enjoy the holidays with loved ones. Life is too short not to. Even if you have to work the holidays, take some time off to be with loved ones.

• DON’T gift “things” this year; instead gift “experiences” like a massage or hiking adventure.

Vin Dang, OD, FAAO
Bakersfield, CA

• DO refer to your fellow colleagues if you are not comfortable treating a patient.
• DON’T judge patients by their looks; be more empathetic.

Pamela Miller, OD, JD, FAAO
Highland, CA
Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member

• DO take a breath and enjoy life. The roses are there but you do have to stop and smell them. Playing hooky is good for the soul.

• DON’T worry about every little thing-it just isn’t that big of a deal and life will go on regardless of how much you worry.

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