Increase your sunwear lens sales by learning to apply The Formula


Boost your bottom line by using The Formula, a business method that applies strategy and measures to influence any Key Performance Indicator.

Key Points

We've all heard that one picture is worth 1,000 words. By adding pictures to your sales scripts-and applying The Formula-you'll discover how to create "show-and-tell" messages that increase sales in your dispensary.

Let's see how The Formula and a Multi-Use Training Tool (see sidebar) can take your photochromic sales strategy to the next level.

The time is right to revisit prescription sunglass sales as a KPI. New lens materials and new lens manufacturing technologies are creating new revenue opportunities.

Time was, prescription sunwear was limited to small blank sizes and very few base curves. If a patient had a significant prescription, opticians advised against frames that were big enough to provide good sun protection and talked patients out of the wrap styles they loved. What's more, limited to CR39 and polycarbonate lens materials, sun lenses scratched, cracked, or fractured around drill mounts. All of these drawbacks caused patient dissatisfaction, while remakes ate away at profits.

Good news, though: Times have changed.

So, enthusiastically embrace the new sunwear lens products. Implement a sales strategy aimed at boosting your sunwear profits.

Expand your sales strategies

When you're ready to increase sunglass sales, then you can expand your strategy. Create your own convincing presentation, or try the following example.

First, review the June Optometry Times ("Increase sales of 'smart' PC lenses"). Look over the sample scripted sales encounters between staff and customers. These "words that sell" help guide you and your staff when recommending photochromic lenses for all patients.

Next, add pictures (see Figure 1) to show products, categorized to encourage multiple pair sales.

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