J&J celebrates contact lens health week with virtual tools


Online resources make safe contact lens wear possible during COVID-19

Johnson & Johnson Vision released resources to enhance the contact lens experience in terms of comfort, safety and accessibility. Tools include a lens assist platform, an eye care provider locator, a digital fit calculator and a rewards program, according to the company. These tools will be deployed from August 17-21 during the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Contact Lens Health Week.

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A detailed description of each resource includes the following:

Acuvue LensAssist — A virtual training platform that promotes safe and hygienic contact lens use, equipped with enhancements like free, live, support and on-demand assistance. The platform will also include helpful videos on topics like how to remove contact lenses and clean them and general care dos and don’ts.

Acuvue Eye Care Provider Locator — A website tool that allows patients to locate eye providers near them, connect, and even book an appointment.

Acuvue Digital Fit Calculator — A resource for eye care practitioners who want to calculate accurate and comfortable lens fittings for patients who require a multifocal contact lens or have astigmatism.

Acuvue Rewards – A rewards program offering savings on ACUVE purchases.

In addition to supporting the CDC’s campaign, the company has initiated a worldwide effort to raise awareness about the connection of eye health to overall health called Prioritize Your Eyes.

In related news, JJV launched an augmented-reality platform to offer patients in China virtual try-on of cosmetic lenses.

Patients interested in seeing how they would look while wearing Acuvue Define cosmetic lenses were able to find out in Acuvue’s store on Tmall and WeChat. The experience launched during the country’s mid-year shopping festival, according to the company.

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