ODs have room to grow in selling annual CL supplies

In a poll fielded to Optometry Times readers, we asked ODs what percentage of their contact lens patients buys a year supply?

View the poll here

A total of 130 responses were tallied. The multiple-choice poll answers included:
• <25 percent
• 25 to 50 percent
• 50 to 75 percent
• 75 to 100 percent

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Some 43 percent of respondents say that at least 50 percent of their contact lens patients purchases an annual supply.

However, that leaves 57 percent with fewer than half of their patients doing so.

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In fact, equal numbers of respondents fall into less than 25 percent and 50 to 75 percent of patients opt for a yearly supply.

See the chart for a breakdown of responses.

These results show that ODs have room to grow in selling annual supplies of contact lenses to their lens-wearing patients.

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