Online Allergy Survival Guide helps patients manage seasonal allergies

CooperVision’s app helps your patients stay in contact lens wear during allergy season.

Fairport, NY-Help your contact lens-wearing patients with allergies keep wearing their lenses during spring allergy season. Tell patients about CooperVision’s new Allergy Survival Guide app, an all in one, allergy-fighting resource.

Fun graphics and a user-friendly format encourage patients with allergies to discover a wealth of strategies for managing seasonal allergies. Fact sheets and videos explain what allergies are, how allergies affect the eyes, and helpful information about eye allergies and contact lenses. The app also includes allergy survival tips and suggestions for looking your best during “sneezin’ season.” There is even a live feed to the Allergy Index from The Weather Channel so patients can know when pollen counts in their region are high.

The Allergy Survival Guide is accessible as a tab on CooperVision’s Facebook page,