Practical management EP 4: Online promotions


In this episode of a practice management series with Maria Sampalis, OD, learn about different online promotions and how to put them into practice.

Maria Sampalis, OD, owner of Sampalis Eye Care in Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island, sat down with Optometry Times®' editor Kassi Jackson to talk all-things practice management.

Editor's note: This transcript has been edited for clarity


Once you have your branding base and initial steps in place, what kind of promotions can you do online through social media through the web, etc.?


There's a lot of different things you can do.

I mean, just even putting images out there on your Facebook page, you know, 20% off second pair glasses, or marketing eblasts through your own network, or Facebook posts. And even Google is a great way to add AdWords. You could pay to advertise them every time someone clicks on a you know, that you get charged for.

And it's the most effective, easy way, because patients that are looking for a doctor will search Google for a new doctor, but also check your reviews. So that's important, too.

But if you're doing a promotion, first of all, check your own local e-marketing and also want to get new patients you can also put an advertising on Google as well or facebook saying, "Hey, we're doing a second pair promotion," or "...Buy a year supply of contacts, get a discount on sunglasses," ... "We have a new product, new equipment in our office." And that has been a great way to bring patients in as well.

When I bought an OCT for my practice, I did an eblast and we had a lot of patients who were reactivated that I haven't seen in a while. Patients like to see that you're adding technology to the office because it's building better care for the patients.

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