Report: ortho-K expected to surge over next 2 years

Published in Optometry & Visual Sciences, the findings are based on an independent survey featuring feedback from over 500 US eye care professionals.

Report: ortho-K expected to surge over next 2 years

New research on the current state of the orthokeratology (ortho-k) market in the United States anticipates industry growth in the near future.

Published in Optometry & Vision Science, findings from the Fitting of Orthokeratology in the United States (FOKUS) independent survey include feedback from 545 US eyecare professionals (ECPs) who currently prescribe and fit ortho-k lenses (52%), have previously fit ortho-k lenses (14%), have never prescribed ortho-k lenses (34%).

The breakdown of ECPs included 87% optometrists, 7% ophthalmologists, and 6% opticians.

Researchers estimated that there are approximately 3000 ECPs in the US who are actively fitting and managing ortho-k patients.

Among those respondents who are actively fitting ortho-k lenses, 56% anticipate market growth in the next 12 months, while 46% of respondents not currently fitting ortho-k lenses stated that they plan to start prescribing with the next 2 years, according to researchers.

The breakdown of respondents’ use for ortho-k lenses was as follows:

68% prescribed with the intent to manage myopia

53% monitor axial length

61% start ortho-k patients at 13 years of age or younger

A commonly reported complication associated with ortho-k is corneal staining, while the mean number of years a patient wears ortho-k is 7.8, the study reported.

Additionally, 86% of respondents stated they either rarely or have never seen microbial keratitis in their patients.

To see the full study, click here.

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