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Shamir Insight launches two new, updated lens innovations


The optical technology company announced two updates to their product line.

Shamir Insight launches two new, updated lens innovations

Shamir Insight announced Wednesday the release of two latest innovations: Glacier Expression, an anti-reflective lens coating, and Autograph Intelligence, an update to the company’s previously launched lens.

The Glacier Expression lens coating provides sharper vision and reduced eye strain. A superior anti-reflective functions allows consumers to more easily express themselves and form deeper social connections.

In a recent study comparing Glacier Expression lenses with other non-coated lenses, the following results were reported:

Sixty-three percent of subjects felt more connected to subjects wearing the lenses, compared to 47% who said the same for the same individual wearing different lenses.

Additionally, 70 to 80% of respondents stated they showed empathy towards participants wearing Glacier Expression lenses, compared to only 28-34% of those respondents who felt similarly for subjects not wearing anti-reflection coating.

Further, 72.5% of study participants indicated that individuals wearing Glacier Expression lenses had trustworthy appearances — which was more than 3 times that of the control group.

And 80% of study participants acknowledged feeling connected to those they met wearing Glacier Expression lenses — which was almost 2.5 times the control group.

For further details on the Glacier Expression lenses and Autograph Intelligence, visit here.

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