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Stop, say hello, and shake my hand

Optometry Times JournalVol. 10 No. 04
Volume 10
Issue 04

Chief Optometric Editor Ben Casella wants your feedback! Read his latest editorial about interacting with people like you at industry meetings.

I write this month’s editorial just after returning from SECO. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to engage with so many of my optometric colleagues. Whether it was in meaningful and tangible conversation regarding the future of optometry or just sharing funny stories about school with old friends, I left with a desire to have more in-person communication with my colleagues.

I had the opportunity to spend time at the Optometry Times booth in the exhibit hall, and I found it enlightening to speak to others interested in our publication. Besides a 15-hour jaunt to Chicago for the 2017 American Academy of Optometry annual meeting, this was my first opportunity to engage in such an activity while wearing my chief optometric editor hat, and I enjoyed it immensely.

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ODs are people persons

As I continue to get comfy in my role as chief optometric editor, I look forward to more engagement with conference attendees. Compliment and critique are always welcome as we are here to serve and aim to enlighten.

I also appreciated the turnout and engagement during the courses which I taught. Topics such as normal tension glaucoma and drug diversion can be dry, indeed. However, I had great questions during and after my lectures, and some people in the audience even went so far as to laugh at my jokes-much appreciated, pity or not.

All in all, I left SECO this year with a reaffirmation of the fact that, by and large, optometrists are just people persons. We are a generally approachable and collegial group of professionals, and I would hope that our patients view us in the same manner.

I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with and engage in meaningful discourse concerning the future of optometry while wearing my Optometry Times hat, but I was also grateful for the opportunity to laugh and cut up a bit with my friends. The next conference I will be attending will be Optometry’s Meeting in Denver.

So, if you run into me there, stop and shake hands, and let’s hang out for a minute or two. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of optometry, your own experiences, or anything, for that matter.

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