Visiometrics launches HD Analyzer optical quality analysis system


This device measures light scatter, which is not measurable using traditional wavefront aberrometry.

Barcelona, Spain-Visiometrics has launched the next generation of its Optical Quality Analysis System (OQAS), the HD Analyzer, following the issuance of the European CE mark for the system.

Employing double-pass retinal imaging, the diagnostic system provides a measure of light scatter (OSI), which can lead to degradation in image quality. Light scatter is not measurable using traditional wavefront aberrometry and presents a diagnostic challenge that only the HD Analyzer is currently able to answer.

The HD Analyzer can be used for:

  • Diagnosing and monitoring the evolution of pathologies or refractive disorders.

  • Evaluation of the OSI level for the early detection of cataract and the determination of its degree of maturity.

  • Comparing pre and post cataract and refractive surgery measurements.

  • Precise Modulation Transfer Function measurement, which is overestimated by aberrometers when scattering exists, as in cataract patients.

  • Evaluating tear film quality.

  • Objective measurement of the amplitude of accommodation and pseudoaccommodation.
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