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Vision Expo East 2024: Continuing education in your practice with Leonardo


Nicholas Gilberg, OD, with EssilorLuxxotica's Leonardo team walks through the basics of the education software that can be implemented in any practice.

Whether a practice's new hire is fresh in the field or a seasoned expert, Nicholas Gilberg, OD, says that EssilorLuxxotica's Leonard program has training courses that can benefit anyone in any given practice. He gives a walk-through of the education platform during Vision Expo East 2024.

Video transcript

Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Nicholas Gilberg, OD:

I'm Nicholas Gilberg, I'm the Global Head of Vision Care Education for EssilorLuxxotica and I work for Leonardo, our digital learning platform. So we're here today to showcase Leonardo to every [clinical practitioner, or] CP in the US and also to introduce a few new features that we think are going to be useful to practices, especially in the US.

We think from a practice standpoint, what we hear, the issues are staff, hiring staff, training stuff, retaining them and of skilling. Staff members in the practice of different areas of expertise that can be very different from billing and coding to being an optometric technician. And you know, the difficulty for me being in charge of education is to address every need with practice, in terms of scope and in terms of level. So to answer that problem, what we've done, first is we've organized the content and I'd love to show you, we've organized the content by role in your practice. So if you have a new hire, and you don't necessarily have the time to train them, we are doing it for you. So for now, we have content for a front desk professional, the eye care dispenser, and a practice manager. To give you a sense of how this is done, first, we want to understand who the learner is so if you wish, there is a bit of an assessment to evaluate if they should start with the essential with zero knowledge or go directly to the advanced for people with experience. If I have no experience and I was just hired into practice to work as a dispenser, we take them really from A to Z.

We want them to fall in love with the industry like we do and we want them to stay in the practice. We're also pushing them to become certified to get ready to take those exams. So Leonardo has some abo exam preparation, both at your own pace, self learning, and we've also done some live preparation for the ABO where they can interact with an instructor ask questions, and make sure they're ready to take the exam. Once they have the exam? We offer continuing education for staff members, if you are certified, NCLE certified, as well as CPC for AOA certification. Continuing education for doctors on Leonardo is hopefully coming soon. For now we have some content but that doesn't lead to CE credits for our colleagues.

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