Clark Y. Chang, OD, MSA, MSc, FAAO



Dr. Chang is a subinvestigator in numerous clinical trials. He is immediate past president of New Jersey Academy of Optometry, and an advisory board member for International Keratoconus Academy for Eye Care Professionals (IKA), Gas Permeable Lens Institut


Peroxide lens care effective for GP lens wearers

With their outstanding disinfection efficacy, preservative-free composition, and features supporting lens care compliance, H2O2 lens care systems can be an excellent option for GP lens wearers. Find out more about why

Considering scleral lenses for astigmatic patients

We have witnessed a rise in clinical utilization of scleral lenses in recent years, and in some cases, their clinical indications have expanded to include even those patients with regular corneas. Given this sharp rise in scleral lens utilization, the principle of lens selection continuum as proposed by Visser et al appears to also hold true in patients with normal healthy eyes. Thus, when should clinicians reach for scleral lenses when providing care to patients with regular corneas?

Extended depth-of-focus IOLs may provide improved visual performance

As your patients celebrate another birthday milestone, they are again back in your chair wondering why their reading glasses mysteriously disappear when they are out exploring life or why their arms are not as long as they used to be.