Mark J. Uhler, OD

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Dr. Mark J. Uhler, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Salus University, in 1992 with a Clinical Excellence Citation from The Eye Institute. In addition to working in both private optometric and ophthalmologic


Diary of a contact lens training seminar

It takes a lot to impress us as optometrists these days. Most of us enjoy a prestigious professional career with a flexible working schedule and a very satisfying personal life. So, why was I so impressed with a recent contact lens training seminar? Let me walk you through my virtual diary to share my personal impressions on this recent training.

Easing the anxiety of “one or two?”

“Which is better-one or two?” This simple query, when read in sequential order, is synonymous, in part, with performing our optometric duties during an eye exam. Are you aware that for some patients, this line of questioning from the eye doctor conjures up significant anxiety?

Are you a real doctor?

I have been an independent doctor of optometry leasing space next to a Walmart location for the past 18 years. So let’s cut to the chase-yes, I have been asked, “Are you a real doctor?”

The fruit salad tree of optometry-the many options of one profession

Optometry offers a challenging, interesting, and rewarding career path. Optometrists can choose to practice in many different locales, to specialize in diverse areas of patient care, and to work in a myriad of different practice situations.

Looking back at a year of Energeyes success

On Sunday, September 1, 2013, life was breathed into this idea we now call the Energeyes Association. I am humbled by the experience to have completed our first full calendar year of operations. It is no longer about launching or “getting off the ground” but the true operationalizing, the implementation, and the hard part of putting a great idea into action.