Quiz answers: Know the ocular effects of eyelash growth serums

Optometry Times Journal, December digital edition 2020, Volume 12, Issue 12

1. Which of the following ingredients is recognizable as a synthetic prostaglandin analog in over the counter eye-lash growth serum (OTC-ELGS)?

a. Copper tripeptide-10

b. Isopropyl cloprostenate

c. Myristoyl octapeptide-1

d. Timolol

2. Which country mentioned in the article has banned the use of synthetic prostaglandins in OTC-ELGS?

a. United States

b. Sweden

c. United Kingdom

d. Canada

3. The ideal eyelash length for optimal eye-health is:

a. One-third horizontal iris diameter

b. One-third interpupillary distance

c. One-third eye width, canthus to canthus

d. One-third eye fissure opening vertically

4. Bimatoprost use results in longer, thicker eyelashes with more melanin deposition due to the pharmaceutical’s effect on which growth phase of the eyelash?

a. Anagen

b. Tetragen

c. Catagen

d. Telogen

5. Which of the following is NOT a potential side effect of prostaglandin analogs?

a. Eyelid skin hyperpigmentation

b. Increased intraocular pressure

c. Eye pruritis (itching)

d. Conjunctival hyperemia

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