David S. Boyer, MD


Controversies in Modern Eye Care 2023: Advances in geographic atrophy

David S. Boyer, MD, shares highlights from the symposium on advances in the geographic atrophy space, which he presented during the 17th annual Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting.

Charissa Lee, OD, MBA, FAAO


AOA 2023: Push for diversity, equity, and inclusion in optometry

Charissa Lee discusses diversity, equity, and inclusion within her role at Johnson & Johnson Vision and in the industry overall.

Diana Chu, OD


Comanaging tears in Descemet membrane during cataract surgery

Postoperative scenario tracks potential complications.

Kristin O. Chapman, MD


The dropless future: SLT as a first-line treatment for glaucoma

Drop tolerance, adherence remain challenges for physicians and patients with glaucoma.

Andrew Pucker, OD, MS, PhD, FAAO


ARVO 2023: Lexitas presents its modified NEI scale

Andrew Pucker, OD, MS, PhD, FAAO, and George Magrath, MD, discuss Lexitas Pharma Services' work on modification of the National Eye Institute's corneal fluorescein staining scale.

Mike Hennessy Sr, Founder and Chairman, MJH Life Sciences


9 months of COVID vaccine innovation

The speed at which the COVID-19 vaccine was developed is the medical breakthrough of our lifetimes.

Paul Hahn, MD, PhD


Paul Hahn, MD, PhD, shares insights on pegcetacoplan versus avacincaptad pegol in patients with geographic atrophy

Paul Hahn, MD, PhD, shared insights on research comparing the relative efficacy of pegcetacoplan versus avacincaptad pegol in patients with geographic atrophy presented at the 2023 ASRS annual meeting.

Corporate Optometry


Beyond the podium: Thought leadership in optometry is evolving

Corporate Optometry shares pearls on becoming a though leader in optometry.

Oliver Kuhn-Wilken
Oliver Kuhn-Wilken, OD


A practical guide to the best of the current multifocal IOLs

Managing patient expectations is key to selecting the best lens

W. Lloyd Clark, MD


Achieving improved outcomes through partnerships between optometrists and retina specialists

Considerations in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

Easy Anyama


NOA 2023: What's new with AOSA?

Immediate past president of AOSA Easy Anyama speaks on the latest initiatives of the student organization at NOA 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Anita Gulmiri, OD, FAAO


AAOpt 2022: Comanagement helps elevate the full holistic standard of care for the patient

Alexis G. Malkin, OD, FAAO, and Anita Gulmiri, OD, FAAO, share highlights from their presentation, "Intersection of low vision and contact lens: unique examples of co-management," which they presented during AAOpt 2022.

Jack Phu, OD, MPH, PhD


AAOpt 2022: Visual fields in 2022

Jack Phu, OD, MPH, PhD, with UNSW Sydney, discusses key takeaways from his AAOpt 2022 presentation that looked at visual fields in 2022.

Jennifer Tsai, OD


VEE 2023: Starting the dual-wear conversation with patients

Jennifer Tsai, OD, tells us how to start the conversation with patients about dual-wear, and the benefits of this from the patient and provider perspective.

Alexandra Ward, VP of content


Ocular findings of COVID-19

COVID-19 affects every part of the eye, front to back.

Gary Y. Chu, OD, MPH, FAAO


Technology for optometry post COVID-19

ODs who utilize technology will advance modern optometric care.

Ethan Pritikin


Don’t forget to flip the lids in keratoconus

Consider 4 conditions when treating this patient population.

Anthony Wallace


ASCRS 2023: The introduction of SeeLuma and more

Anthony Wallace, Vice President and General Manager of the US Surgical Business at Bausch + Lomb, discussed the introduction of SeeLuma, a fully digital surgical visualization platform, and more at the 2023 ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

Joseph F. Panarelli, MD


New drug delivery system aims to improve adherence

Tackle one of the biggest challenges in managing patients with glaucoma

Mike Brown, OD, MHS-CL, FAAO


Why you should travel the extra mile for your patients

Mike Brown, OD, MHS-CL, FAAO, shares how the significance of a pocket watch and Helen Keller serve as important lessons in patient care for ODs.

Richard Meetz, OD, MS, FAAO


The optometrist’s role in diagnosing and treating hypertension

ODs have the rare opportunity to engage as well as educate patients on hypertension.

John Sheppard, MD, MMSc, FACS


Impressions and Takeaways From Patient Case No. 2

John Sheppard, MD, explains the potential harm caused by over-the-counter artificial tears with preservatives on the ocular surface and discusses innovative ocular-sparing treatments that stimulate tear production.

Jason Duncan, OD, FAAO


Applying injection basics to your optometric practice

Jason Duncan, OD, FAAO, shares highlights from his AOA 2022 presentation, "Injection Basics," presented at this year's Optometry's Meeting in Chicago.

Alissa M. Coyne, OD, FAAO, FASOS


Dr. Coyne's #1 tip for managing dry eye

Alissa M. Coyne, OD, FAAO, FASOS, gives her number 1 tip for managing dry eye.

Hattie Hayes


Orbis and Heidelberg Engineering announce new partnership at ESCRS congress

The non-profit will partner with the imaging company to prevent blindness and fund new retinoblastoma research.

Nancy Holekamp, MD


Achieving improved outcomes through partnerships between optometrists and retina specialists

Considerations in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

Georgina Tsakrios, JD


Diagnosing and treating optic nerve head drusen

Technologies that improve treatment of ONHD and similar pathologies.

Janis Winters, OD, FAAO


AOA 2023: Integrating vision rehabilitation into primary care optometry

Janis Winters, OD, FAAO, shares insights from her case study that she copresented during the 2023 AOA Optometry's Meeting in Washington, DC.

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