Katheryn Cregan


Diagnosing and treating optic nerve head drusen

Technologies that improve treatment of ONHD and similar pathologies.

Todd Peabody, OD, MBA, FAAO


The optometrist’s role in diagnosing and treating hypertension

ODs have the rare opportunity to engage as well as educate patients on hypertension.



IKA Keratoconus Symposium 2023: New data presented for epi-on cross-linking

John D. Gelles, OD, and Steven A. Greenstein, MD, share some insights into the new data on corneal cross-linking presented at IKA Keratoconus Symposium.

John Samples, MD


Controversies in Modern Eye Care 2023: MIGS advancements

John Samples, MD, shares highlights from his the glaucoma panel discussion during the 2023 Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting.

Khan Lau, OD, MBA, FAAO


Treatments for presbyopia coming soon

These options increase the depth of field to address the symptoms of presbyopia

Shane Swatts, OD


My practice journey

How one OD incorporated full-service dry eye treatment.

Daniel G. Fuller, OD, FAAO Dipl., FSLS


Dr. Fuller: What I wish I knew before entering optometry

Daniel G. Fuller, OD, FAAO Dipl., FSLS, shares what he wish he knew before entering the field.

Paul M. Karpecki, OD, FAAO


Guideline redefines amniotic membrane’s role in ocular surface disease

Earlier and proactive use is suggested for a variety of corneal diseases

Jack Raney


Viewpoints: Remote monitoring centers for dry AMD

Roundtable of experts discuss impact, management of retinal disease.

Emily Kaiser, Assistant Managing Editor


Bausch + Lomb celebrates US launch of Infuse Multifocal SiHy daily disposable contact lenses

Infuse Multifocal silicone hydrogel (SiHy) daily disposable contact lenses leverage Bausch + Lomb’s proprietary lens tech to deliver all-day comfort and seamless transitions between near, intermediate, and distance vision for patients with presbyopia.

Chandra Mickles, OD, MS, FAAO, FSLS


Debunking common ortho-k myths

Eyecare practitioners' top misconceptions just may surprise you.

Neda Shamie, MD


Controversies in Modern Eye Care 2023: That's a wrap!

The co-chairs of the 2023 Controversies in Modern Eye Care symposium reflect on the day.

Mark Packer, MD


ASCRS 2023: Predicting vision outcomes in cataract surgery with machine learning

Mark Packer, MD, sat down with Sheryl Stevenson, Group Editorial Director, Ophthalmology Times®, to discuss his presentation on machine learning and predicting vision outcomes after cataract surgery at the ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAAO


Understanding, treating ocular and visual complications in Parkinson's disease

Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAAO, gives key takeaways from her AAOpt 2022 meeting presentation, "Ocular and visual complications of Parkinson's disease."

T.Y. Alvin Liu, MD


ASCRS: Prediction of imminent conversion to neovascular AMD using deep learning and 3D OCT volumes

Alvin Liu, MD, sat down with Sheryl Stevenson, Group Editorial Director, Ophthalmology Times®, to discuss his presentation on deep learning and 3D OCT at the ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

Jack L. Schaeffer, OD, FAAO


New presbyopia treatments offer promise, challenges, and rewards for practice managers

Expert advice offers key practice management tips for making presbyopia drops an integrated part of a clinical armamentarium.

Alena Reznik, MD


Controversies in Modern Eye Care 2023: Glaucoma compliance

Alena Reznik, MD, shares short reflections on the glaucoma panel presented during the 2023 Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting.

Jaya Pathapati, OD


A Future for Remote Monitoring Centers in Eye Disease

Enthusiasm regarding the acceleration of technology advances, including retinal monitoring centers, that can be used to help prevent disease progression for patients with eye diseases.

Angelina Tran, OD


PDR: public health considerations

Proper screenings, treatment, management needed for this increasingly prevalent disease.

Rebekah Bernard, MD


The missing variable

The effect of physician replacements on health care spending

Gloria B. Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS


Don’t forget to flip the lids in keratoconus

Consider 4 conditions when treating this patient population.

Jeff Nau, PhD


Pipeline update from Oyster Point Pharma

Jeff Nau, PhD, president and CEO of Oyster Point Pharma shares an update on the company's Tyrvaya product.

Andy Pawson


Total 30 contact lens coming in early 2022

New launch is scheduled to release in early 2022

Elise Regina, OD


Q&A: How would you integrate corneal hysteresis into your glaucoma management?

Thomas A. Wong, OD, FNAP, and his co-authors Elise Regina, OD, and Kelly Armstrong, OD, discuss corneal hysteresis: part four.

Rachael Wruble, OD


My presbyopia story: How far would your patients go?

Physicians share tales of creative workarounds to cope with this condition.

Nathan Congdon


Impact of vision impairment on children’s mental health

Studies conducted with Orbis International conclude positive mental health and academic improvements of children provided appropriate eye care and glasses, filling important research gaps and providing essential guidance for future interventions and research.

Adam Ramsey, OD


EyeCon 2022: Improve your practice with these industry innovations

Adam Ramsey, OD, shares key takeaways from his EyeCon 2022 presentation, "Advances in industry innovations to improve your practice."

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