Kent Uehara, OD, FAAO


Reviewing a patient’s systemic history is critical when treating for OSD

Staying up-to-date on all things ocular is imperative in ocular surface disease.

Anar Maurya, OD


Dry eye after LASIK is a common problem

Proper management results in better expectations, outcomes for patients.

Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, FSLS


AOA 2023: Learn a bit about Global Ophthalmic Women (GLOW)

Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, FSLS, shares an exciting update on Global Ophthalmic Women (GLOW).

Alan Kwok, OD, FAAO, FSLS


How to fit scleral lenses with confidence and caution

Closely monitor patient over time for continued corneal health and good fit

Alexis G. Malkin, OD


VEW 2022: Integrating low vision into everyday practice

Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO, highlights her Vision Expo West 2022 presentation titled, "Expand your practice: how to integrate low vision into everyday patient care and improve outcomes."

Bradley Middaugh, OD


Why you should consider adding pediatrics to your practice

Dedicating part of your practice to a pediatric patient base allows you to have fun, as well as continue growing your practice.

Cheryl Chapman, OD, FIOMC


Exciting things in the pipeline for the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control

AAOMC is focusing on new membership growth, diversity, and how they can continue to move the needle in myopia management.

Diana Do, MD


Achieving improved outcomes through partnerships between optometrists and retina specialists

Considerations in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

Todd Shryock


34% of doctors report increased medical errors due to staffing shortages

Chronic staffing shortages are affecting both patient care and physicians’ well-being.

Scott Forman, MD


Patient experiences sudden decrease in vision

Imaging shows optic disc swelling and retinal nerve fiber layer thickening

Sandra Brown, MD


Dry Eye Foundation takes a stance on eye drop safety, encourages consumer education

Since April 2022, the Dry Eye Foundation has been voicing concerns over the packaging of preservative-free drops as well as availability of noncompliant drops at online retailers.

Cary M. Herzberg OD, FIAOMC, IACMM


Vision By Design 2023 brought comprehensive myopia management and ortho-k education

The American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control-hosted conference was held September 5-9.

Alexis Meyer


Scholarship offers opportunity, empowerment to second annual recipient

Optometry Times' editor Kassi Jackson speaks with Lauretta Justin, OD, founder of Optometry Divas, and Alexis Meyer, a third year student at UC Berkeley School of Optometry and recipient of Optometry Divas' second annual CEO of You scholarship.

Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA


AOA 2023: Preparing to conquer keratoconus management in clinical practice

Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA, shares insights from her AOA 2023 presentation on managing keratoconus in clinical practice.

Lorne Yudcovitch, OD, MS, FAAO


Imaging helps to identify retinal disease

Fundus autofluorescence may hold potential in diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 infection

Tina Mac Donald, OD, CDCES, FAAO


Advances in treatment for geographic atrophy

This podcast provides a review of some of the key highlights from the Controversies in Modern Eye Care meeting held in April 2023. The program is designed for those who did not attend the live meeting and to help reinforce learnings for those who did.

Inder Paul Singh, MD


ASCRS 2023: Use of intraoperative OCT during glaucoma surgery

Inder Paul Singh, MD, sat down with Sheryl Stevenson, Group Editorial Director, Ophthalmology Times®, to discuss his presentation on intraoperative OCT during glaucoma at the ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

Chris Kruthoff, OD, FAAO


When times aren’t “20/happy”

Many systemic conditions have higher incidence with depression, anxiety

Richard Castillo, OD, DO


Screening for carcinoma is an important service to provide to patients

Richard Castillo, OD, DO, discusses the key takeaways from his presentation on carcinoma screenings for eyelids, and emphasizes why such screenings are such a critical component of primary eye care.

Arshad M. Khanani, MD, MA, FASRS


Recently approved Izervay offers new treatment for patients with geographic atrophy

Arshad M. Khanani, MD, MA, FASRS, sat down with Optometry Times to discuss the recent FDA approval of avacincaptad pegol intravitreal solution for treatment of geographic atrophy.

Gregory Caldwell, OD, FAAO


Don’t let your patients fall behind: The future of AMD care

The eye care community is moving toward a more disruption-resistant system of care, from wearable tech to VEGF-eluting implants.

Robert Stamper, MD


G360 2023: Home tonometry: Worth the pressure?

Robert Stamper, MD, gives key takeaways from his G360 presentation, "Home tonometry: Worth the pressure?"

Robert Weiss, BS


Vietnam's Pediatric Refractive Error Training Center prepares students amid growing myopia cases

Robert Weiss, former president and CEO of The Cooper Companies, shares some of the latest optometric schooling developments from Vietnam in his work with Optometry Giving Sight, the Brian Holden Foundation, and Hanoi Medical University.

Pinakin G. Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO, FARVO


Reading the greens: Golf, vision, and nutrition

The right nutrients can give your vision—and your game—an edge.

Francis S. Mah, MD


Role of Aceclidine in Presbyopia Treatment

Expert eye care specialists comment on the use of aceclidine as a selective miotic for the treatment of presbyopia.

Alex Nixon, OD, MS, FAAO


Alex Nixon, OD, MS, FAAO presents J&J Vision findings from new myopia research at AAO

New research explores visual symptoms and their impact in children wearing soft contact lenses for myopia control

Kristan Lanza, COA


Proper documentation helps assure prior authorizations

Newer dry eye medications require approval, and charting helps prove the need.

Lina T Arango, OD


Meet the LEO founding board: Dr Lina T Arengo

Lina T Arango, OD, sat down with Optometry Times®' assistant managing editor Emily Kaiser to talk about her role on the founding board of Latinos en Optometry (LEO).

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