Kelly Voltz, OD, FAAO, FSLS


Orthokeratology is key to managing pediatric myopia

Enhanced treatments, tools, and resources make a difference.

Selena Huang, OD


Five ways to stand out with specialty contact lenses

Keep patients coming back to your practice by offering what competitors don’t have.

Vittorio Mena, OD, MS,


AAOpt 2022: Navigating the 3 Ms in pediatric contact lenses: mom, maturity, and motivation

Vitto Mena, Jr., OD, MS, shares highlights from his discussion titled, "Contact lenses for kids: concepts and methods for contemporary care," which he co-presented during the 2022 American Academy of Optometry meeting.

Dr Rishi Raj Borah


Refractive Error Among CHildren (REACH): A Lens on the Future

REACH operates with three objectives: 1) eliminate barriers to eye health for school children; 2) improve the quality of school eye health services; and 3) create a positive, sustainable environment at schools where eye health services are provided, ensuring children feel comfortable to access these services.

Rachael Zimlich


Your future telehealth program

Building a plan beyond the pandemic

Anthony DeWilde, OD, FAAO


AAOpt 2022: Helping patients understand, manage their headaches

Anthony DeWilde, OD, FAAO, shares highlights from his AAOpt presentation, "What a pain! An optometrist's guide to headaches."

Elise Kramer
Elise Kramer, OD


Therapy options based on DED severity

A plethora of treatments are available when patients, particularly contact lens wearers, are assessed at disease onset.

Itay Mayer


VEE 2023: Hear what's new with Lumenis

Catch up on what to expect from Lumenis.

Isabel Kazemi, OD, FAAO


VEW 2022: Pediatric vision

Michelle Hoff, OD, FAAO, ABOM, FNAO, and Isabel Kazemi, OD, FAAO, share key takeaways from their VEW 2022 presentation, "The ABCs on pediatric vision."

Patrick Mooney


Digging into the 6-month first-in-human clinical trial data from SpyGlass Pharma

Patrick Mooney, CEO of SpyGlass Pharma, sits down to discuss the 6-month first-in-human clinical trial data of their drug delivery platform with bimatoprost, which is implanted during routine cataract surgery.

Chris Lievens, OD, MS, FAAO, FNAP


Contact lens disinfection methods still matter

Long-term success of contact lens wearers attributed to education, professional input on cleaning methods

Katie Davis Tarver, OD, FCOVD


Vision rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injury

A protocol of patient questions and clinical measurements can show a need for therapy

Sheryl Stevenson


G360 2023: A bird’s eye view of innovation

Kristen Ingenito, MBA, gives key takeaways from her G360 presentation, "A bird’s eye view of innovation."

Alex Membrillo


4 ways to use local SEO to attract more patients

Improve your local online presence to increase patient volume

Paula Johns, OD, MPH, FAAO


OCT helps diagnose macular pathology

Imaging technology allows for better disease visualization

Shan Lin, MD


G360 2023: The latest in IOLs: When and how to use them

Shan Lin, MD, gives key takeaways from his G360 presentation, "The latest in IOLs: When and how to use them?"

Casey Claypool, OD


Identifying patients with keratoconus

Early diagnosis enables cross-linking treatment before significant vision loss.

Kelly Armstrong, OD


Q&A: How would you integrate corneal hysteresis into your glaucoma management?

Thomas A. Wong, OD, FNAP, and his co-authors Elise Regina, OD, and Kelly Armstrong, OD, discuss corneal hysteresis: part four.

Seema Nanda, OD


Guideline redefines amniotic membrane’s role in ocular surface disease

Earlier and proactive use is suggested for a variety of corneal diseases

Rachael Wruble, OD, FAAO


Dry eye and flares: make education a priority

Ensure successful symptoms management with your patients.

Robert Reed Jr, OD


The importance of understanding headaches, migraines and how you can best help your patients

Robert Reed Jr., OD, discusses his AOA 2022 presentation titled: "Migraines: Mother-of-All-Headaches."

Maria Sampalis, OD


Practical management EP 9: Understanding the difference between branding & marketing

In this week's podcast episode with Maria Sampalis, OD, hear how to differentiate between branding and marketing.

Kara Crumbliss, OD, FAAO


Vision rehabilitation care for low vision patients in the COVID-19 era

Keep the specific needs of this patient population in mind as more patients return to the office

Roland Mattern


eSights' new assistive technology helps patients with central vision loss

Roland Mattern, director of marketing for eSight, illustrates the use of the company's eSight 4 device to assist patients with central vision loss.

Jordan Rosenfeld


Know the pros and cons of outsourcing billing

Should your practice outsource its billing services, and if so, to whom?

Elise Kramer, OD, FAAO, FSLS


Keratoconus and perfect vision: Is it possible?

Eye care providers need to look beyond visual acuity in screening for keratoconus.

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