Maria Richman, OD, FAAO


AOA 2023: How to integrate vision rehabilitation after stroke into your business model

Maria Richman, OD, FAAO, and Harvey Richman, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, met with Optometry Times to discuss their presentations on rehabilitation of a patient who suffered from issues of vertical vision after a stroke, as well as integrating patient care with the business model.

Stephanie Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS


Woo U and IKA join forces for the Keratoconus Essentials Program

Stephanie Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS, and S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, discuss the Keratoconus Essentials Program, a joint effort between Woo University and the International Keratoconus Academy.

Isabella Ortiz


New topical therapies for dry eye disease

Nasal spray may fill the gaps left by artificial tears.

Brian Shafer, MD


Fortified antibiotic advance improves corneal infection treatment paradigm

Private practice eye care providers’ ability to immediately administer antibiotic eye drops or have them overnighted to the patient is a giant step forward for practice and patient.

Jessilin Quint, OD, MBA, MS, FAAO


AOA 2023: Taking a modern approach to dry eye

Jessilin Quint, OD, MBA, MS, FAAO, shares the latest and greatest in the world of dry eye, from new technology to how clinicians can start in on dry eye therapy today.

Mark Bullimore, PhD, MCOptom


EyeCon 2023: Tackling the issue of myopia management

Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO, discussed myopia control in a panel at EyeCon 2023, highlighting evidence-based treatments, myopia's impact on visual impairment, and a multidisciplinary conversation involving optometrists and ophthalmologists to address the growing issue of myopia management.

Dennis P. Pardo, OD, MPH, FAAO, LCSW


AAOpt 2023: Plenary: Mental health and optometry

Bringing awareness, understanding, and embracing mental health care gives clinicians the space to best support and empower their patients, as well as themselves.

Emily Aristizabal


Patient experiences sudden decrease in vision

Imaging shows optic disc swelling and retinal nerve fiber layer thickening

Catherine L. Heyman, OD, FAAO, FCOVD


Tips on creating a space, treating patients with special needs

Catherine L. Heyman, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, shares highlights from her AOA 2022 presentation, "Evaluation and Management of Patients with Special Needs."

Thomas V. Johnson, MD, PhD


EyeCon 2023: Pearls for monitoring intraocular pressure at home and in the office

Real-time insights into fluctuations enhance glaucoma care and understanding of vision risk.

Richard A. Adler, MD, FACS


Viewing ptosis through a biopsychosocial lens

Low-lying lids affect much more than patients' visual field, with implications for visual quality and their self-esteem.

Brenda Montecalvo, OD


Addressing symptom relief of optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis

Contoured prism lenses may resolve symptoms such as neck, shoulder, and head pain.

Stephen Cohen, OD


Tackling the problem of contact lens dropout from presbyopia

With advanced, easy-to-fit multifocal lens technologies, patients don’t need to compromise

Jim Sluck


Sight Sciences' fair access campaign aims for insured access to heat and expression therapy for meibomian gland dysfunction

Jim Sluck, VP of Marketing for Sight Sciences' TearCare, shares the impetus behind the company's fair access campaign.

Emily Rich


Impact of vision impairment on children’s mental health

Studies conducted with Orbis International conclude positive mental health and academic improvements of children provided appropriate eye care and glasses, filling important research gaps and providing essential guidance for future interventions and research.

Rhea Magee, OD


NOA 2023: Insights and lessons from a pediatric patient case

At NOA 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rhea Magee, OD, presented a pediatric patient case as part of the Resident Grand Rounds.

Maria K. Walker, OD, PhD


Basic and beyond: technology for every level of scleral lens management

How to fit lenses with simple devices and when to expand your armature.

John Berdahl, MD


ASCRS 2023: Aurion clinical trials of endothelial cell therapy injection

John Berdahl, MD, discussed the Aurion clinical trials of endothelial cell therapy injection at the 2023 ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

Carla Calizaire


AAOpt 2023: Raising awareness for vision health

Optometry Times sat down with Carla Calizaire, Global Leader of Diversity Inclusion for Johnson and Johnson Med Tech to go in depth about the Vision Made Possible and Sight for Kids campaign.

Sydney M Crago, Editor, Modern Retina


Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors may lower risk of AMD in patients with Alzheimer disease

The data indicated that patients with Alzheimer’s disease who were treated with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors had a slightly lower hazard of developing AMD compared with untreated patients.

Lisa Hornick, OD


AAOpt 2023: What's new in dry eye?

Lisa Hornick, OD, MBA, FAAO, chats about her AAOpt presentations, "Dry Eye Jeopardy" and "Sunny with a Chance of Tears of Tears: What's in the Forecast for Ocular Surface Dryness Therapies."

Houman Hemmati, MD, PhD


AAOpt 2022: CHAMP study shows positive top-line results for treating myopia

The CHAMP phase 3 study shows strong safety and efficacy of NVK002 for the treatment of myopia.

Samantha Rosen, OD


The complicated ins and outs of pediatric glaucoma

Pediatric glaucoma, although rare, can cause irreversible vision loss and leave children visually impaired if not treated timely and adequately.

David Yang, OD, FAAO


How diabetes and glaucoma intersect

Consider the impact of diabetes on management of patients with glaucoma

Janelle Davison, OD


Offer advanced patient care by bundling services

Combining products and resources in creative ways can help grow your business.

Donna L. Shotwell, OD


Meeting the need: Screening parameters for presbyopia-correcting drops

Doctors should consider a few key points before writing a prescription.

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