Shani Reich, MD


Adjunct role for Dextenza insert in allergic conjunctivitis?

Regarding both the amount and speed of symptom improvement, patients were more satisfied with the insert compared with the topical steroid, but there was no statistically significant difference vs the topical antihistamine in terms of satisfaction.

Zeba Syed, MD


ASCRS 2023: Wills Eye Hospital research on corneal swelling and dynamics during corneal collagen crosslinking

Zeba Syed, MD, from Wills Eye Hospital discussed their research on corneal swelling and dynamics during corneal collagen crosslinking at the 2023 ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

John McSoley, OD


Heru advances visual field assessments

New platform has potential to overcome challenges of legacy technology

Leslie O'Dell, OD, FAAO


Dr O'Dell : What I wish I knew before entering optometry

Leslie O'Dell, OD, FAAO, shares what she wishes she knew before entering the field.

David P. Piñero, OD, PhD


Focusing on extended-depth-of-focus contact lenses for myopia control

Clinical pilot study evaluates effect after 1 month of wear.

Sydney Jennings


COVID-19 & migraine: Patient impact & management tips

Learn how to better help your patients with this often debilitating form of headache

Raanan Naftalovich


Breaking into lens tech

Lessons learned during 30 years in the industry.

Gary Foster


AAOpt 2023: A look into eSight's wearable technologies

Learn what's in the pipeline for eSight, as well as hear how their current technology helps patients.

Sean Clark


Podcast: Multi-dose preservative-free lubrication drop now available

Alcon recently launched a multi-dose version of preservative-free lubrication drop called Systane Hydration Multi-Dose Preservative-Free

Jon Bundy, OD


Fitting scleral lenses for Bell palsy and Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Well-fitting lenses greatly improve quality of life for patients.

Timothy Earley, OD


Electroretinography is not what it used to be

The ERG is a game changer for patients with diabetes.

Thomasine Gorry, MD


What the COVID-19 pandemic may mean for the power of electronic health records

Electronic health records may be the future of practice management.

Lenna Walker, OD, FAAO


New tools emerge for the early detection of hydroxychloroquine maculopathy

Rapid macular thinning often precedes traditional symptoms.

Daniel Laroche, MD


Implementing a glaucoma screening program using the Laroche Glaucoma Risk Calculator

The Laroche Glaucoma Risk Calculator is a valuable tool for glaucoma screenings both in the community and in optometrist offices.

Katie Robinson


AAOpt 2022: Beyond spectacles: considerations for children with refractive error

Contact lenses can be beneficial for children, even when not medically necessary, explains Jennifer Fogt, OD, FAAO, FSLS.

Michael Boland, MD, PhD


What the COVID-19 pandemic may mean for the power of electronic health records

Electronic health records may be the future of practice management.

Sean W. Smolenyak, OD


What is presbyopia?

Sean W. Smolenyak, OD, gives a brief overview of presbyopia, including the cause and available treatments.

Danielle Piser, OD, FAAO


What’s new in low vision rehabilitation

Offer patients independence and improve quality of life by incorporating low vision services

Marlisa Miller, Editorial Intern


Report predicts global eyewear boom: Estimated 76 billion USD growth by 2027

A report by Technavio indicates that lifestyle changes will increase eyewear sales across the globe.

Carl Garbus, OD, FAAO


AOA 2023: Collaborative care in vision rehab

Carl Garbus, OD, FAAO, shares insights from his discussion that he copresented during the 2023 AOA Optometry's Meeting in Washington, DC.

Elizabeth Yeu, MD


BRIO-1 study results show renewed hope for medical presbyopia correction

Results of the BRIO-I study, the first of 2 phase 3 clinical trials of Brimochol PF, a topical, fixed-dose combination for the treatment of presbyopia, have recently been released.

Michelle Buckland, OD, MS, FAAO


AAOpt 2022: The ABCs and 123s of pediatric eye exams

Michelle Buckland, OD, MS, FAAO, shares highlights from her 2022 American Academy of Optometry presentation, "Pediatric eye exams: the ABCs and 123s."

Ngoc Pham, MBA


Providing comprehensive eye care for patients with diabetes in southern Vietnam

Community-based eye care is one of Orbis’s top priorities in the country.

Michelle Hoff, OD, FAAO, ABOM, FNAO


VEW 2022: Pediatric vision

Michelle Hoff, OD, FAAO, ABOM, FNAO, and Isabel Kazemi, OD, FAAO, share key takeaways from their VEW 2022 presentation, "The ABCs on pediatric vision."

Kathleen Thai, BS


The confusion surrounding atropine use to control myopia

Research into multiple aspects of myopia control warranted.

Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD


Thyroid eye disease: The masquerading eye disorder— a guide to accurate diagnosis and collaborative care

In this episode, four expert faculty talk about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of thyroid eye disease. They discuss the differential diagnosis, screening tests, and the need for multidisciplinary management for these patients.

David P. Piñero, PhD


Multifocal lenses for presbyopia in eyes with previous corneal surgery

Novel corneo-scleral contact lens offers visual rehabilitation in irregular corneas

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