Vol. 10 No. 04

Selling glasses online may not be answer for ODs

March 27, 2018

Even though the loss of revenue or fear of the loss of revenue is the reason ODs wish at times to join online glasses sales, consider five reasons why online glasses sales may not be in the best interest of the OD.

Optometry must change with the times

March 27, 2018

The general public as well as some ODs have forgotten the extend of our core training. We have to educate our patients more thoroughly about why we do what we do and why it matters that they have an annual eye exam.

Why it’s important to have a marketing plan

March 22, 2018

Marketing your practice can seem overwhelming, but with a plan in place you will find that it is much more effective and may even save you money in the long run. Learn how to put a marketing plan together and the benefits of having a marketing plan in place at your practice.